Our Story


Onebar was created to solve the problem of the messy lunchbox. We found that the fruit we were sending to school would too often end up bruised and ugly by lunchtime. Kids would skip out, sending it home in the messy lunchbox. After one too many smooshed bananas and bruised apples, Onebar was created.  An easy way to send fruit to school and make sure it gets eaten. With added baobab superfruit and chicory root for extra fiber, Onebar has more nutrition packed into every bar than your typical fragile fruit. In the rare occasion Onebar does come back, it’s ready to go for tomorrow’s lunch box. No more wasted fruit!

 OneBar has found its way into the hearts of vegans, the pockets of mountain bikers and backpackers, the briefcases of CEOs, and the purses of busy parents.

OneBar was created for kids but it is enjoyed by everyone.