Perfect Pairings: Chocolate & OneBar

December 06, 2018

The holidays are approaching, and that means all the sweet things are beginning to appear in abundance! One of our favorite ways to enjoy something sweet while also getting a dose of serious vitamin-packed, real fruit nutrition is by offering OneBars on our dessert plates (or, let’s be real, afternoon snack plates!)
chocolate pairing OneBar
Here are just a few of our favorite perfectly paired flavor combos so you can add a little fruit to your chocolate habit:
  1. Alter Eco Deep Dark Salted Brown Butter Chocolate with Apple
Like apple pie meets organic chocolate! The brown butter in this Alter Eco bar pairs perfectly with the crisp fall apple flavor in our OneBars!
  1. Honey Mama’s CoCoConut with Mango
Can’t get to the tropics this winter? This flavor combo will take you right there! Plus we totally love Honey Mama’s commitment to raw ingredients sourced responsibly…just like we do with our mango bar (okay, all our bars really)
  1. Poco Dolce - Bittersweet Chocolate Tile with Cherry
Is there anything more classic than bittersweet chocolate and cherry? We’ll let you tell us! Any other flavor combos you’re a big fan of around the holiday season?
Stock up on your favorite flavor (or just go for all three!) here!