Heart healthy benefits of cherries

January 30, 2019

February is here and we have red hearts on the mind. And not just those ones you'll find on store-bought Valentine's Day cards. February is American Heart Month, celebrating heart health and raising awareness about heart disease. It just so happens that one of the OneBar flavors is Cherry, which is one of the most heart healthy fruits, so we thought we'd raise awareness of all of the benefits these little fruits can offer.



Deep, bright red in color, cherries are essential for taking care of heart and help with your body's aches and pains. They are filled with antioxidants, as shown by their rich red hue, and are a good source of fiber. Cherries also have a high dose of anthocyanins that help lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation, which can do everything from improve your weight to your arterial health. It can also help reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. While dark, sweet cherries have the same benefits, tart cherries are thought to be slightly more beneficial. So just think about cherry's bright red color when choosing fruits to help your own red heart.


Cherries and Your Workout:

A surprisingly little known fact about cherries is just how great they work fighting muscle inflammation. They are just as effective and safer than taking prescription drugs, making cherries one of the most recommended foods for those with exercise related muscle pain. Try throwing some cherries in your post-workout smoothie or eating a Cherry OneBar for breakfast if you wake up in the morning sore from a hard workout the day before.


Cherries and Your Sleep:

Everyone's always looking for the key to good sleep and cherries may be the best all-natural solution for sleep. Cherries are one of the best foods to promote melatonin production in your body, meaning they will not only help you go to sleep but stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, this increased melatonin production helps set your internal clock so your sleep becomes more regulated and you will be able to fall asleep and wake up on more of a steady schedule. And it just so happens that cherries make a delicious dessert when paired with dark chocolate so try making a cherry dessert after dinner and letting these delightful fruit lead you into a stress-free sleep tonight. 


Cherries and Your Weight:

In addition to cherries lowering inflammation in the body, they are also shown to help reduce belly fat, reduce stress, improve cholesterol levels, and help you achieve a healthier sleep cycle. All of these factors contribute to a healthy body and weight, not to mention make you feel better! The specific antioxidants found in cherries are also directly linked to a lower waistline. While eating whole cherries is the best way to get these benefits, tart cherry juice and dried cherries will also be a great snack for weight loss.


Cherries and Your Blood Sugar:

Although cherries are a little higher in sugar than other fruits, these red fruits are surprisingly low on the glycemic index. Like really low. Cherries have been shown to improve the blood sugar for those with diabetes. The glycemic spike is lowered that much more when cherries are eaten with whole grains, nuts, and seeds, making the perfect trail mix snack. 


Because cherries pair so beautifully with dark chocolate and red wine, these little red fruits are really the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day. Not only do they match your Valentine's Day outfit, they will also deliver all their heart healthy benefits to your sweetie in a delightfully delicious dessert. Not down to make your own cherry dessert? No worries, grab a box of Cherry OneBars and serve with your favorite chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon.